What Key Factors will Joe Biden use to Pick his VP?

What Key Factors will Joe Biden use to Pick his VP?

With the November presidential elections looming ever closer, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is set to announce his running mate on August 1. Rumors are already circulating that his VP nomination will make history for various reasons, not least because it’ll most likely be a woman. But what key factors will Joe Biden use to pick his VP?

The influence of the Black Lives Matter movement

Perhaps one of the biggest factors hanging over the current election schedule is the influence of the BLM movement, which is still going strong across the country. As a result, Biden will likely try to tap into African American culture by choosing an African American running mate, such as Karen Bass.

However, while this would be Black history in the making, having an African American woman in such a high position in the White House, it’s crucial that Biden’s running mate is first and foremost a qualified candidate who can help to bring about the level of change that actually needs to happen in this country.

Women’s rights

Women’s rights are always an important topic in presidential elections, particularly in light of the Me Too movement. Therefore it’s almost a given that Biden’s VP will be a staunch feminist who would be able fight for the rights that women have been seeking for most of our history.

Of course, any feminist VP candidate will see this as the next step towards breaking the glass ceiling. If Biden chooses an African American woman as his VP, this would be a massive boost for the culture surrounding the Me Too movement. If nothing else, it would show that Biden and his team are attempting to make progress toward actual change.

A good track record

Another major factor in selecting the best VP is their track record while in office. If the culture around Hilary Clinton’s election run taught us anything, it’s that even seemingly insignificant issues can be blown up by the other side. What’s more, we’ve already seen how the other side likes to play, and history likes to repeat itself.

While it would be unreasonable to assume that Biden’s VP nomination will have a completely clean history, it could have a major impact on Black pride if a candidate is chosen based solely on their race rather than on their policies and track record. The BLM has arguably shown us the dangers of performative allyship, and this is something that must be avoided in the presidential elections.


When selecting his VP, it’s likely Biden will choose a feminist, African American candidate in light of current trends in culture. This could of course be Black history in the making, but it’s important for Biden to choose the right candidate based on a number of factors.

African American culture is no stranger to performative allyship, but this is something that hopefully won’t happen in the presidential election. If Biden does choose an African American woman as his VP, then it’s vital for her to instill the role with Black pride and actionable policies that deliver the right results. 

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