Tips To Support Small Business During Black Business Month

Tips To Support Small Business During Black Business Month

Tips To Support Small Business During Black Business Month.

Did you know that Black-owned businesses make up more than 12 percent of all U.S. businesses? Black Business Month has been a time for Black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to be nationally honored and recognized for their contributions.

The time has come to celebrate Black-owned businesses! 

Why? Because Black entrepreneurs are agents of change. When a product, service, or resource empowers the African-American community. Black Business Month is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Black-owned businesses such as A Perfect Shirt.

Black Business Month is a month to celebrate black-owned businesses, support black enterprises and promote minority entrepreneurial efforts. Some of the ways that you can support Black Business Month & Entrepreneurship are as follows:

  1. Purchase and Shop Small with a Black-Owned Business
  2. Prioritize leaving a business reviews
  3. Share your purchase on social media
  4. Encourage your family members and friends to buy black.
  5. Continue sharing and purchasing after August
  6. Commit to your support all year long.

Black Business Month is a time to celebrate the success of Black business owners and encourage our growth. Take some time to reflect on the impact of Black businesses in your community. Consider what you can do to support Black-owned businesses in your area and start making a difference today.

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  • Aliya

    I’ve been trying my hardest to support multiple black businesses. I’ve been trying to purchase things that I’ll use on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing.

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