8 Empowering Statement Shirts That Celebrate Black History Month

Top Black History Month Shirts 2022 Edition Statement History Culture Fashion Juneteenth

8 Empowering T-Shirts That Celebrate Black History Month in 2022 & Beyond

This Black History Month, clothing and culture collide most beautifully. Support Black-owned t-shirt businesses while rocking culture fashion in one of these closet essential eight Black History Month statement shirts for 2022.


Lift Every Voice & Sing is known as the Black National Anthem. James Weldon Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson, two brothers from Jacksonville, Florida, cowrote the famous song. They both believed artistic and cultural excellence were critical for Black advancement in America. They would be proud to see their hymn live on through Black culture fashion this Black History Month.

Nah, I'm Gonna Sit in the Front Today 

We all know Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on an Alabama bus in 1955. Being a Black woman in those days was no joke. And still, Mrs. Parks dared to say NO (Nah), a bold move that ignited the civil rights movement. This Black statement shirt honors her bravery. 

Rosa Parks

While Rosa Parks is infamous for her one-woman bus protest that launched the civil rights movement, many people don’t know of her other accomplishments. She was an active NAACP member. She also worked for Congressman John Conyers to find housing for the homeless. Support Black-owned t-shirt businesses and honor this civil rights hero by rocking your Rosa Parks gear for Black History Month and any other day of the year.
One Month Can't Hold Our History


This Black statement shirt is the perfect reminder that celebrating Black History once a year during the shortest month is not sufficient.
 Black history is American history.  African-Americans have been a cornerstone of the United States of America since its inception. Remind everyone that our contributions and achievements could never be relegated to 28 days.

I'll Take My Reparations in Cash


Japanese internment. Native American land seizures. America owes a lot of apologies. Some of these groups have seen attempts at reparations. Although the U.S. formally apologized for slavery and segregation in 2009, African-Americans are still waiting for the United States to put our money where its mouth is. We’ll take our reparations in cash, please!

Shirley Chisholm

Shirley Chisolm was the first African-American woman in Congress. She was also the first woman and African-American to seek the presidential nomination from one of the two major political parties in 1972. This Black statement shirt reminds the world of this dedicated advocate’s works. 

Martin Luther King. Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is probably the most famous and revered civil rights activist. Many forget that he wasn’t as well-liked during his time. Like much of American history, his work is continuously recognized. This Black History Month, let’s honor the real Martin Luther King Jr.

Busy Making My Ancestors Proud

You don’t have time for the haters. You are too busy making your ancestors proud. This Black statement shirt says it all. Clothing and culture connect to make a statement about remembering who you are and where you came from this Black History Month.

We have a whole range of black history shirts, hoodies, and hats to keep you warm this winter. Our Black History Month shirts and t-shirts are perfect for teaching your children about the African American pioneers who America great! This black history merchandise and apparel is for men, women, and kids of all ages.

 Black History Month started as Negro Week in 1926. Today, African-American achievements are celebrated throughout February. Hopefully, we’ll see the time when Black history is recognized and included all year long. These eight Black History Month statement shirts keep representing in February 2022 and beyond.


  • Chaffron

    I love these shirts and Id love to have one. The art is beautiful. Definitely great to rock year-round.

  • Vanessa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these. I love the graphics and that they can be worn all year round. They are definitely not Black History Month specific 🖤

  • April McKnight

    Wow! These shirts and the messages attached to them are so powerful! I’m looking forward to purchasing one!

  • Ashley Strickland-Horne

    I love all of these shirts. I’m going to have to save these. My husband told me don’t bring anything else in the house since we’re moving, lol.

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