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We at APerfectShirt are proud of some of the most unique inspirational, motivational and bold statement clothing you’ll find online! As a black owned t-shirt business, our brand is focused on allowing self-expression for our customers, and so, we have designed some of the most amazing statement tees and clothing that you can wear on a daily basis while standing up for what you believe in!

Our black and bold statement shirts allow you to speak your truth without saying a word. As a top-tier fashion and apparel brand owned by a black woman, we are enthusiastic about offering culture fashion to our customers that allows them to take pride in who they are and where they come from.

With our t-shirt statement, you make a statement that’s not only bold, but also something that represents your background, your culture, your vibe, your heritage and your fashion choices. Clothing and culture are like twins – they go hand in hand. We believe in empowering you through your daily fashion choices, allowing you to embrace your culture through your lifestyle. 

Why You Need To Buy Bold Statement Clothing Today!

Our Black Statement Shirts Promote Positivity, Empowerment Self-Expression. Pretty simple, our shirts are dope and statement tees are a vibe!

Clothing and culture are like two peas in a pod – they go together! Our wide range of black statement tee shirts allows you to embrace your culture through your fashion and lifestyle choices. Our “My Culture. My Roots. Strong” allows you to effortlessly embrace your culture, heritage and individuality. “Rosa Parks Nah” are a reminder of the African American journey as a culture and community. This t-shirt allows you to express yourself while recognizing the part that your ancestors played in the struggle of equality! Let your identity flow through your fashion choices with our statement shirts!

Our Bold Statement Clothing Celebrates Diversity.

Our amazing t-shirts make a statement – they make a statement of diversity and differences! Whether it is our “Pure Brown Shuga” that celebrates the melanin women or our best-selling “She Is Me” that pays homage to strong and growing women, our t shirts are designed to adapt diversity in our social consciousness. Our aim isn’t only to make you look and feel great, but also to let the world know that love unifies all. Whether you’re looking for black statement shirts that celebrate racial diversity or statement women’s clothing that empowers women, our store has it all!

Our Shirt Statement Prints Are Affirming and Reassuring,

Our bold statement clothing does more than just make you look good – they inspire! With so many options to choose from among our cultural apparel, these t shirts pave the way for you to make a statement without saying anything -- and that is what everyone loves about them! Our “Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes” conveys a strong message of individuality, affirming your self-belief. This shirt statement is reassuring as it allows you to take charge of your own story and be the author of your own narrative. And this is EXACTLY why everyone loves these t-shirts that have a vibe.

As a Black Owned T-Shirt Business, we at APerfectShirt.com strive to deliver statement apparel that encapsulates your beliefs, letting you express yourself in the most fashionable and effortless manner possible!

We're all unique, so why not wear a tee with a saying that makes you feel good? Our tees with sayings are designed to motivate, empower and inspire you. Grab an awesome empowering and empowering t-shirt with positive words today!